We are bringing fashion to the future. A future that is transparent, ethical and sustainable. By envisioning how clothing is made in 2050.

Everything in the collection is made in our own factory in Amsterdam by a team of highly skilled tailors with a refugee background. We have created a space where we honor people for their craftsmanship again and where transparency is standard. 

2050 is a reference to the UN climate goals that aims for a climate neutral world by 2050. So we said: Why wait, when we can start now?

Our mission is to reconnect consumers with people and planet through fashion.

Digital product passport NFC

For every product we make we create a unique digital passport, because we think that transparency is one of the major things missing in the fashion industry. We also believe that taking accountability and informing our consumers is the starting point for change.

In the digital product passport you can find what our products are made of, where the fibers and fabrics come from, how and where your product is made. Together we create a world where fashion is transparent and where we are proud of what we buy.