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Welcome to the 2050 Factory, the home of 2050, but also a production place for other fashion brands. We founded 2050 Factory because we were frustrated about the injustices garment workers are facing and the effect on the global climate, caused by the fast fashion industry.

It is not a secret that the industry is known for paying unfair wages, long working hours and poor working conditions. That is why we are determined to change the way fashion is made, working towards an industry where sustainability and human rights are not only the effect of a particular initiative, but the cause and responsibility of a business well run.

Our mission is to change the textile industry by creating a more sustainable and responsible way of manufacturing textile products for good.

Skilled tailors

4 years ago, we started to bring back the textile industry to The Netherlands by setting up a local factory in Amsterdam. We noticed that we have a big community of highly skilled tailors with a refugee background in our country who don't have access to the labour market. Most of our tailors fled from countries with formerly flourishing textile industries.

We want to bring the people and the planet back to the forefront of fashion. In our factory people with a refugee background work together with experienced locals from the creative industry. We develop high-quality products: locally (made in Amsterdam) and sustainably (through the choice of materials). 

Upcycled materials

In The Netherlands, a small country with around 17 million people, we throw away around 80 million kilos of textile yearly. To decrease landfills and reduce the production of new fibers we use textile waste and rescued deadstock as our key source to lower the environmental impact with every product we make. 

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Local and fair production

Fashion is a complicated business involving long and varied supply chains of production and plays a large part in modern slavery, with the exploitation of about 60 million workers.

The industry is so fragmented that even the companies that are selling the products, do not know who and under what kind of circumstances the clothes are made. This complexity of the supply chain emphasizes the importance of the story behind the clothes, including the people who make them.

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