The sample room

The Sample Room is a place to realize your ideas, from concept to physical product. We have created a place for people to sample close to home, allowing you to be present at the actual production process. We invite all creatives, designers, fashion brands and students. Through local sampling we reduce carbon footprint and enable quick adjustments. 

When you book a time slot in our Sample Room, our production manager and one of our tailors are available to develop your quality samples and share their knowledge and experience to guide you through this process the best way possible.

Our Sample Room is available for everyone who wants to create samples. Please bring your own technical drawings, patterns or reference products. We also strongly advise to bring your own materials, trims and embellishments to achieve the best result of your sample.  

The Sample Room works with time slots of 3 hours, but you can also book for 6 hours or the entire day. For more information, bookings or quotations, please use the button below.

Check out some of the many items we manufactured in our sample room