2050 Factory is working towards a circular fashion industry, where what we create is either biodegradable or recyclable. Keeping fabrics circulating through upcycling is an important step. We offer the opportunity to create new items or entire collections from leftover stock. 

Leftover stock and other material ‘waste’ is now often discarded or even burnt. We want to stop this destruction by helping create something new. In the 2050 Factory we create capsule collections for fashion brands and offer corporate gifts made from material waste from companies. To give you a very small idea of what is possible we have listed some examples. 

  • We work with sports brands to create unique items like laptop sleeves, pouches or backpacks from shirts from the previous season.
  • We work with fashion brands to turn last season’s t-shirts into a limited capsule collection
  • We work with hotels to create staff shirts from discarded bedlinen. 

To start upcycling, get in touch about the possibilities. We will then block a time slot in our sample room to discuss and actually create an item that is ready for production.